Using your cordless drill to banish bathroom mould!

Drill brush for cleaning

Using your cordless drill to banish bathroom mould!

We’ve all struggled to tackle that greatest of cleaning bugbears in the home; mould in the bathroom! Usually the go-to method is bleach and a scrubbing brush but often this just doesn’t get rid of the black on grout and sealant. Spotless Cleaning have a fantastic tip for tackling the tough mould and also scale build up around the corners, edges, fixtures and fittings of your bathroom. Grab

your cordless electric drill from the garage! Grab a 50p white plastic toilet brush from somewhere like Wilko and use a hack saw to cut most of the handle off, leaving just enough of the shaft to insert into your cordless drill chuck. For 50p you’ve got an electric powered brush!

A few cautions to bear in mind:

  • Only use a cordless, battery powered drill for this purpose
  • Only use a brush with plastic bristles and test on an inconspicuous area by hand to ensure you aren’t going to scratch any of your surfaces
  • Don’t get your drill wet, minimal water and chemical is required for this process and your drill should never be wet
  • You must wear goggles, a suitable mask and gloves to protect yourself form flying debris/moisture/chemical
  • Clear the bathroom area to ensure chemical or water is going to be flicked onto your favourite towels or dressing gown!
  • Keep the windows and/or doors open and extractor fan on if you have one during cleaning to ensure the area is well ventilated

Apply bleach to the mouldy or discoloured areas and gently work back and forth with the drill brush over the area. Remember that in one direction you’re working against the rotation of the brush and in the other you’re working with it, so you need a firm grip of your drill to ensure it doesn’t get away from you!

This is a great mechanical aid for what can otherwise be an exhausting and laborious job. It’s also great for getting into corners and crevices that are impossible to access with any vigour using a tooth brush or scrubbing brush.

This is also a great tip for descaling using Scaleit/Viakal or a similar product designed to tackle limescale. Make sure to rinse in between if tackling both mould and limescale so that chemicals aren’t mixed together. Rinse the area and buff to dry for a fantastic result.

If you still find you have discoloured grout or mouldy areas after this deep scrub, use another great Spotless Cleaning tip to tackle the worst mould and dirt in your bathroom. All you need is kitchen towel, bleach and an empty trigger spray bottle. More on this coming soon.

If this is all a little bit too much or you simply don’t have time, this is part of a Spotless Cleaning spring clean 🙂

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