Carpet stain removal

Carpet stain removal

Carpet stain removal

If you make a spillage on your carpet call or contact Spotless Carpet Cleaning straight away and let us know what is on the carpet, if it was spilt hot or cold and if you know; what type of carpet you have.  We will arrange to come out as soon as possible to treat the stain. To give us the best chance of removing the stain from your carpet follow the simple steps below:

  • Remove any solids from the carpet and never rub the carpet. Lifting up excess soil or debris with a vacuum nozzle without making any contact with the carpet is best.
  • Lay a damp, white cloth over the stain and keep it moist until we can visit to tackle the stain further.

Getting the carpet cleaned quickly is the best way to avoid the area being permanently stained.

Will the stain come out?

Removing stains from carpets is a scientific process, the success of which depends on many factors including if the stain was made with a hot or cold substance, the construction of your carpet, the type of fibres used to make your carpet, the type of underlay you have, how old the carpet is, if you have attempted to remove the stain yourself and how old the stain is. Our Technicians use commercial grade equipment and chemicals and have received stain removal training which means we can get great results. However, nobody can guarantee that a stain can be removed, especially if the stain is old or has been treated with other chemicals as this will act as a barrier. Although some of the more challenging stains can permanently change the colour of your carpet, as a minimum we usually hope to see a significant improvement using our techniques.

Types of stains

The types of stains we tackle include everything from food, blood, coffee, wine, paint, oil, ink, makeup, nail varnish, hair dye. Depending on the factors mentioned above, some of the very worst stains can be lifted out completely so please call if you would like to discuss your carpet in more detail.

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Contact Spotless Carpets on 01283 599219 or click here for a no obligation carpet stain removal quote or to book a visit from our Carpet Cleaning Technicians.

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