Spotless Oven Cleaning

Spotless Oven Cleaning

None caustic, safe oven cleaning

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Why use Spotless Oven Cleaning?

  • Safe, none caustic treatment using specialist products developed using seaweed extract means powerful cleaning but no hazard, no odour and you’re ready to cook straight away
  • Attention to detail; our staff are fully trained in the art of nit picking! They’ll get off every mark they can and be as thorough as possible
  • Good value; competitive pricing and no hidden extras - the price doesn’t go up when we come to clean
  • We’re not afraid! If you’ve neglected your oven for years or tenants have abused your appliance, don’t worry we’ll tackle it regardless
  • Spotless Oven Cleaning is a local family business not a franchise
  • Spotless Cleaning is a trusted company that provides all types of cleaning services including carpet, home and office cleaning throughout the region to hundreds of regular clients


How much does it cost?

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How we do it

Spotless Oven Cleaning tackle almost any type, size, make and model of oven whether it be gas, electric or oil powered. We can even clean AGAs and Raeburns so if you’re in any doubt please contact us with any queries about your oven.

  • Where necessary your oven door will be removed to ensure we can clean the glass (where applicable), the hinges and any awkward nooks and crannies that aren’t accessible with the door in place.
  • All removable components which can include everything from nobs, racks, panels, trays and filters, are soaked in a special solution which is heated in a dip tank in the Spotless Oven Cleaning van.
  • Whilst removable parts are left to soak in the dip tank, we get to work on the inside of the oven using a specialist oven gel which clings to the surface of the oven. Please note that your oven must be in working order when we visit as we need to heat it up to get the best results. The action of the gel, combined with good old fashioned elbow grease and some scraping tools, remove the burnt on grime and grease from the inside of the oven.
  • Once the internal surfaces are clean, we remove the gel and waste and use a natural degreaser to breakdown the left over grease and staining on the oven surfaces.
  • Silicon is used to shine and protect the cleaned surfaces.
  • The items in the heated dip tank are removed and rinsed clean before being reassembled.
  • Metal surfaces such as stainless steel are cleaned with fish oil to finish
  • Glass surfaces are degreased and buffed
  • Any damaged bulbs or paper filters are also replaced on site (additional £5 charge for replacement bulbs)

Your oven is clean and ready to use!

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