5 steps to taking your christmas tree down without making a mess

5 steps to taking down your real Christmas tree without a pine needle trail through your house!

Step One – Use secateurs to cut all branches from the top down Obviously take your decorations and lights off the tree first :). Then carefully use secateurs or garden shears to cut each branch starting at the top and working your way to the chunkier branches at the bottom. Step Two – Put all of the branches in a bag – we used Ikea Ikea bags are great for this as they don’t tear and let the pesky needles escape. Do [...]

Spotless January Sale is LIVE!

Carpet and Oven Cleaning January Sale Our fantastic £29 carpet cleaning offer is back for January only! THATS 58% OFF!! BUT THAT’S NOT IT! This year we’ve added oven cleaning deals too! Book carpet cleaning of 2 rooms, hall, stairs and landing for the amazingly low price of £29 or 3 rooms, hall, stairs and landing for £39! (50% OFF) Got an oven that’s seen better days after the festive season? We are also offering great money off deals on our single, double [...]

Drill brush for cleaning

Using your cordless drill to banish bathroom mould!

We’ve all struggled to tackle that greatest of cleaning bugbears in the home; mould in the bathroom! Usually the go-to method is bleach and a scrubbing brush but often this just doesn’t get rid of the black on grout and sealant. Spotless Cleaning have a fantastic tip for tackling the tough mould and also scale build up around the corners, edges, fixtures and fittings of your bathroom. Grab your cordless electric drill from the garage! Grab a 50p white plastic [...]

Tackling Limescale Video Tutorial

Pete loves to share his knowledge of all things clean! Check out this short video which will help you to remove nasty limescale quickly and easily. Prefer to leave the cleaning to the professionals? No probs, contact Spotless Cleaning here. Regular or one-off cleaning for homes and businesses in Burton, Derby, Ashby, Lichfield and all surrounding areas.  

5 tips to de-clutter for Christmas

It may seem early to start thinking about Christmas but you can never start too early when it comes to de-cluttering! Our 5 simple tips will help you to start to de-clutter ready for your visitors in December and make this hectic time a little calmer! Tip 1 – De-clutter your Kitchen The kitchen is where everyone seems to flock too when friends and family come around for a festive gathering. It will be easier to keep tidy if there is limited [...]

Spotless Gift Certificates – the gift of clean!

Who wants to clean the house, carpets and especially oven after Christmas? Not me!! That’s why we’ve introduced Spotless Gift Certificates. You can buy them for home cleaning at a minimum of 2 hours of cleaning, for oven cleaning of any size oven including ranges and Aga ovens or for carpet cleaning. There’s loads more info here. You can thank us later 🙂

Tackling Limescale

You see the adverts on the TV; scale bubbles and fizzes away to nothing as if by magic! So you buy the product and spray it on to find that even after vigorous scrubbing with an abrasive green scourer or even a metal scourer, the scale is still there! This is a common problem as not only do we all have a habit of getting sucked in by the adverts, but we forget the basics behind tackling the problem. For [...]

Tips for a sparkling shower screen

They look modern and clean (far better than a shower curtain) but they are a pain to keep looking clear and sparkling. The build up of soaps on your shower screen can leave them looking murky and unclean which is not nice for you but looks rubbish if you have visitors too. Here are a few tips to help keep on top of the scum! Using the right product Do it yourself options White vinegar – every house should have a spray bottle [...]