Factory Cleaning

Expert cleaning for industrial environments

At Spotless Cleaning, we have a team of highly trained cleaners perfectly suited to factory cleaning. Our team has been trained on a range of cleaning apparatus and are experienced in cleaning industrial environments.

We are not an agency, which means we employ all our own cleaners. We prefer to do this as it allows us complete control over the standards we work to. We carry out regular appraisals of our cleaners along with random spot checks. But we also care about our team, we are living wage employer and have a cleaner of the month award to ensure that all their hard efforts are recognised.

Professional service

We have team members fully trained and qualified in using the following equipment:

  • SteamPro Carpet Cleaning Equipment and Machinery
  • Various Hard Floor Cleaning Machines and Tile Cleaning Machines
  • Spinaclean Sky Vac for High Level Cleaning

Flexible approach

Along with this, we are completely flexible in our approach. We visit some premises once a week, others twice a day and also offer a comprehensive out-of-hours cleaning service to ensure that our work doesn’t interrupt yours.

As we are so flexible in our approach, we always advise getting in contact. By doing so we can talk through your requirements and then find a solution that works for you.


Why is cleaning important in factories?

Cleaning in factories is important for several reasons. It helps maintain a safe working environment, reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, promotes good hygiene among workers, ensures the quality and integrity of products, improves productivity, and enhances the overall efficiency of factory operations.

What are some key differences between cleaning in factories and cleaning in other environments?

Cleaning in factories can differ from cleaning in other environments due to the unique challenges and requirements. Factories often have large machinery, specialized equipment, and production lines. The cleaning tasks may involve cleaning and maintaining machinery, managing spills or leaks of hazardous substances, and ensuring cleanliness in production areas.

How often should cleaning be performed in factories?

The frequency of cleaning in factories depends on various factors, such as the type of manufacturing process, the level of activity, and the specific needs of the factory operations. Generally, daily cleaning of high-traffic areas, machinery, and production lines is recommended.

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