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10 Steps to Keeping Your Construction Site Clean

It feels like the world is finally starting to reopen, and people are getting back to work. However, now there is a new mine field to navigate: keeping your work place clean and safe. Each workplace is unique, and so keeping it safe and inline with government guidelines can be tricky.

Construction site, and outdoor spaces, have a completely different set of challenges to the traditional office space, and so keeping your team safe and lowering the risks needs a different approach. Thankfully, the professional team here at spotless have put together this simple 10-step guide on how to keep your construction site clean.

  1. Conduct a risk assessment before re-opening – for all sites or parts of your site.
  2. Deep clean before re-opening – this should include cleaning all touch points before sanitising throughout, this two-stage process is really important and cannot be overlooked.
  3. Provide hand sanitiser for everyone visiting or working onsite and at multiple points around the site if your site is large
  4. Keep on cleaning those touch points – you will need to clean and sanitise frequently used work areas more often than normal. If possible, do so between each use. This include objects and surfaces such as buckets, site equipment, control panels, hand tools and machiner
  5. Make sure hand hygiene is top notch and provide hand towels rather than driers where possible. More hand washing stations should be made available or hand sanitiser stations in addition to washrooms. Signs and posters should be put up to build awareness of good hand washing techniques, the need to increase frequency of hand washing, the importance of not touching your face and how you should cough into a tissue or your arm.
  6. Clean toilets more regularly and set clear guidance for usage such as social distancing
  7. Empty waste more frequently and arrange more regular collections
  8. Clean showers and changing rooms more often and set clear usage guidelines for showers, lockers and changing rooms to ensure they are kept clean and clear of personal items and that social distancing is achievable
  9. Sanitise equipment regularly – shared equipment should be sanitised after each use. This includes equipment and tools but also vehicles for example pallet trucks and forklift trucks.
  10. Make a rota and stick to it – you may be having increased cleaning from your cleaning company or be doing additional cleaning yourself throughout the day. Making a rota and sticking to it will help to keep you and your colleagues safe.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line or look here for the current government guidelines.

Spotless have many years of experiences cleaning all types of work places and are experts in cleaning during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

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