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10 Steps to Keeping Your Construction Site Clean

In a post-pandemic world, ensuring cleanliness on construction sites has become increasingly vital. However, each construction location presents unique challenges, such as indoor or outdoor settings, specific equipment requirements, regional weather conditions, and adherence to government guidelines in the UK. To simplify this important task, our professional team at Spotless Cleaning has compiled a straightforward 10-step guide for keeping your construction site clean and safe.

Conduct a comprehensive risk assessment on the construction site

Before reopening your construction site, perform a thorough risk assessment for all areas. Identify potential hazards, evaluate safety protocols, and implement necessary measures to mitigate risks effectively.

Perform a deep cleaning prior to reopening

Give your construction site a comprehensive, deep clean before reopening. Focus on sanitising all high-touch points and surfaces. This two-stage cleaning and sanitisation process is crucial and should not be overlooked.

Provide ample hand sanitizer around the construction site

Ensure that hand sanitizer is readily available for everyone visiting or working on the site. If your site is large, distribute hand sanitising stations at multiple points to promote easy access.

Regularly clean high-touch areas

Frequently clean and sanitise commonly used work areas. Whenever possible, clean these areas between each use. High-touch objects and surfaces include buckets, site equipment, control panels, hand tools, and machinery.

Prioritise effective hand hygiene

Emphasise the importance of proper hand hygiene. Provide hand towels instead of dryers where feasible. Increase the number of hand-washing stations or add hand sanitizer stations alongside washrooms. Display signs and posters to raise awareness about good hand-washing techniques, the need for increased frequency, avoiding face-touching, and proper coughing etiquette.

Increase the construction site cleaning frequency of toilets

Regularly clean and disinfect toilets, following clear usage guidelines that promote social distancing. Ensure the availability of sufficient cleaning supplies, such as soap and hand sanitiser.

Improve contraction site waste management

Increase the frequency of waste collection and disposal. Empty waste containers more frequently to maintain cleanliness and prevent overflowing bins.

Maintain cleanliness in showers and changing rooms

Enhance cleaning routines for showers and changing rooms. Establish clear guidelines for usage, emphasising cleanliness and discouraging personal item accumulation. Ensure that social distancing measures can be practised effectively.

Sanitise equipment regularly

Implement a regular sanitization routine for shared equipment. After each use, thoroughly sanitise equipment, tools, and vehicles, such as pallet trucks and forklifts, to minimise the risk of contamination.

Implement a cleaning rotation

Establish a cleaning schedule and adhere to it consistently. Whether you have increased cleaning support from a professional cleaning company or perform additional cleaning tasks yourself, a well-defined rota will help maintain a safe and hygienic construction site for you and your colleagues.

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