Construction & Building Site Cleaning

Cleaning Services for Building Site and Welfare Cabins

Cleaning Tailored to Your Site

Spotless Cleaning offer cleaning services for building and construction site cabins and welfare facilities to ensure they are maintained throughout the life of your project. The service will be bespoke to your needs and can be anything from daily to weekly depending on the footfall and usage of the areas to clean. Typical rooms covered include kitchens, canteens, toilets and washrooms, changing rooms and locker rooms and offices.

Viral & Antibacterial Cleaning

We have developed daily and deep cleaning protocols to ensure you, your staff, contractors and visitors feel safe when on site. We will work with you to develop a detailed cleaning specification for your site.

Local, Committed Team

We recruit our cleaners locally to the sites they clean at. This ensures consistency, commitment and job satisfaction. We are not an agency; all of our staff work directly for us and are our most important asset. Our Cleaning Managers will audit your site regularly to ensure standards are met and our office team are at the end of the phone if you have any queries.

Short, Flexible Contracts

A simple principle, which proves our dedication to our service. Your site may be around for a few months to a few years. We will tailor a contract to your needs so that you are not tied in longer than needed.


How can dust control be effectively managed on construction sites?

Dust control on construction sites can be managed effectively through various measures. These include implementing water suppression techniques, using dust control products and equipment such as misting systems or dust barriers, covering materials that generate dust, regularly sweeping and vacuuming areas, and providing proper ventilation.

How can cleanliness be maintained during ongoing construction activities?

Maintaining cleanliness during ongoing construction activities can be challenging but important. It involves implementing preventive measures such as using temporary barriers or enclosures to contain dust and debris, regularly cleaning and sweeping areas affected by construction activities, promptly removing debris and waste, and coordinating cleaning efforts with construction schedules to minimise disruptions.

What steps should be taken for post-construction cleaning before occupancy?

Post-construction cleaning before occupancy involves a thorough cleaning process to prepare the building for use. This includes removing construction debris, dusting all surfaces, cleaning windows and fixtures, sanitising toilets and kitchen areas, conducting deep cleaning of floors and carpets, and ensuring proper ventilation.