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5 Reasons to Deep Clean Your School During the Holidays

If you work in a school, you’ll know what a busy environment they are, usually you will have hundreds of people accessing the site each day. Regular cleaning is a must for keeping on top of day-to-day dirt but there are certain tasks that take more time and need more attention and this is where a school deep clean comes in.

Most school cleaning contracts include some element of school deep cleaning, whether that be deep cleaning the school during every holiday or just once a year during the summer break. Some will choose to have additional cleaning time each week to tick off some of these cleaning tasks. Here are our top 5 reasons to do a school deep clean:

1. Ensure germs are kept at bay

Schools can harbour germs so it is extremely important to deep clean and disinfect your school with specialist cleaning chemicals that kill harmful bacteria and viruses.  This can be done during your regular cleaning routine if you have the available time but it is good practice to include this in a school deep clean to ensure you have a good starting point for the term ahead.

2. Remove those ingrained stains

The frequency of cleaning school carpets and upholstery will differ depending on the rooms and their uses. A thorough shampoo and deep clean of your school carpets will ensure they last as long as possible and include the removal of stains such as coffee and pen. As carpet cleaning is time-consuming and the carpets are left damp for a few hours it is important to schedule this for the school holidays.

3. Avoid expensive repairs

Similar to carpet cleaning, this is an important task to do regularly to ensure the floors last for as long as possible and do not get irreparably damaged. This may include deep cleaning and buffing the floors with an industrial cleaning machine and applying the appropriate polish.

4. Reduce common viruses

Scale and dirt (including common viruses) can build up in toilets over time so it’s important to keep on top of this with regular deep cleaning. Sometimes this will require soaking so it’s a good task to tick off during the holidays. The main areas are toilet pans and sink taps.

5. First impressions matter

Skirting boards and lower-level dusting can be covered during regular cleaning but it is sometimes difficult to have time for high-dusting and cleaning and some more time-consuming tasks such as gum and ink removal – and any visitors to your school will notice this!

If you’d like a quotation for school cleaning or a deep clean of your school, please get in touch by calling us on 01282 599219, completing our contact form or clicking on live chat during office hours. We’re happy to visit your school and discuss your requirements before sending a no-obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.