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5 Tips to De-Clutter for Christmas

It may seem early to start thinking about Christmas, but you can never start too early when it comes to de-cluttering! Our 5 simple tips will help you to start to tidy and sort, ready for your visitors in December. Hopefully we can help make this hectic time a little calmer!

Tip 1 – Tidy Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where everyone seems to flock to when friends and family come around for a festive gathering. It will be easier to keep tidy if there is limited clutter. Start by clearing out any utensils and kitchen equipment that you don’t use very often, like that smoothie machine that you swore to use everyday! Either be brave and take them to charity or pop them in a cupboard until the New Year. Once you’ve done this get rid of any paperwork, old letters, bank statements and file or recycle. Then have a good clean of all the worktops.

Tip 2 – It’s Time to Tackle the Fridge! 

The best time to do this is before your weekly shop so it’s as empty as it can be. This will make it a lot easier to start menu planning for Christmas. Start by taking everything out and giving the shelves a good clean with disinfectant. Leave them to dry while you sort the contents out. The contents is easy – look at all the sell by dates and throw out anything that is out of date, has a tiny amount left or you know you’re not going to use and is just taking up valuable space. Make sure you keep any bottles or jars that could be handy for storage containers. Put everything back in and group together items that are similar like sauces, dairy products and meat to make it easier to find.

Tip 3 – Clear out The Kids Rooms

Grab a bin liner and be brutal! Any toys, books and games that your children haven’t played with for a few months should go in the bag. You can gift them to your friends or take them to charity, they’ll make great gifts for other children this Christmas and make it easier for you to keep the kids rooms tidy post Christmas when they’ve had more toys to add to the collection. there are some amazing initiatives out there for donating Christmas presents.

Tip 4 – Unsubscribe From Newsletter and Junk Emails to De-Clutter your Inbox Ready for January Sale Emails

This won’t take as long as you think and the best way to do it is to just unsubscribe as the emails come in. All emails have to give you the option by law to unsubscribe. If you use Gmail, they make it easy to unsubscribe by putting a button at the top of your email that takes you straight to the unsubscribe as it can sometimes be tricky to find. Focus on this for a couple of week and slim down the amount of emails you get leaving your inbox ready to receive those killer January sale deals.

Tip 5 – Prettify Your Entrance Ready for Guests

At this time of year the entrance to your house can get cluttered with all the extra coats, boots and accessories like scarves, hats and gloves. The best way to keep on top of this until the spring is to get organised. If you haven’t already then add pegs, baskets or drawers so that everything has a place and be disciplined about using them. Make sure that you have a mat to wipe wet shoes on when you come through the door. Lastly keep a small mop in a nearby room so that you can quickly mop up while the footprints are still wet and avoid your entrance looking messy for your festive visitors.

As professional office and commercial cleaners we hope these tips can help you come December! If you’re in the Burton or Derby area and need professional cleaning services feel free to drop us a line!