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Deep Cleaning Guide

Author: Lisa Hill – Spotless Cleaning Director | Last Updated: October 2021

Unsure what the difference between a regular clean and a deep clean is? Wondering whether your office or home is in need or more than a dust and a hoover?

In this blog we look into the world of deep cleaning: what it is, how it differs from a standard clean, what methods and tools are used, and where you can go to find a deep clean provider.

What is deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is an extensive clean of a property or area, which goes beyond the scope of a regular clean. It can require specialist products, methods and specially trained cleaners.

Deep cleans help control the spread of infections and viruses as they use antibacterial products to kill germs and sanitise areas throughout the home. A deep clean can be required in offices and homes from time to time, to keep the area safe to live in.




What’s the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning?

Where regular cleaning may be done on a daily or weekly basis, deep cleans are more likely to be required once a month or once every six months.

Regular cleaning, also referred to as domestic cleaning, may involve hoovering, tidying, wiping surfaces and dusting, whereas deep cleaning goes beyond this.

The majority of cleaning companies or individual cleaners offer regular cleaning services, whereas only some will provide deep cleaning services as this requires specialised training and tools.

What’s Included In a Deep Clean?

A deep clean is a top to bottom clean of all rooms and can include:

  • – Cleaning inside ovens, oven doors, inside window frames and patio doors.
  • – Cleaning inside and outside of all windows.
  • – Cleaning behind appliances in a kitchen and removing layers of grime.
  • – Removing scale and scum from bathroom or kitchen tiles, shower heads, taps and other sink plugs.
  • – Deep dusting including behind radiators and blinds.
  • – Cleaning ceiling fan blades, light fixtures.
  • – Cleaning moldings, woodwork, window sills.
  • – What are deep cleaning methods?

Deep Cleaning Methods Include:

  • – Steam cleaning – steam cleaning uses high temperatures to remove oil, grime and dirt. Steam cleaners heat water in a boiler, then converts this liquid into steam, and this steam is used on floors, surfaces and upholstery to extract the dirt.
  • – Fogging – a quick and efficient way to sanitise a workspace, fogging is completed by placing a machine in a room and spraying a fine mist of sanitising substance across the room. This lands on all surfaces and kills any bacteria and viruses that may be on any objects.
  • – Hot water extraction cleaning – this method is used for cleaning carpets. It uses high pressure to push hot water and chemicals into the stained fabric to dislodge dirt particles. At the same time, the machine is extracting 95% of the moisture back, along with the dirt. This method gives the best results when trying to remove stains and spillages on carpets.

Deep Cleaning Equipment

Deep cleaning often required specific equipment. This can include ProChem for deep carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning. ProChem tools are used for deep carpet cleaning as well as hard floor cleaning. They also offer training courses for cleaners as the equipment required specialist knowledge to use.

SkyVac and SpinaClean are systems used specifically to clean guttering, external cladding and high level ledges and beams. A SkyVac is a specially modified high-level gutter system, developed for outdoor work. This tool allows cleaning of warehouses, industrial and large office spaces, or any venue that has high level areas that are hard to access.

The tool even includes a digital video recording of the clean to document the task undertaken and to share with clients or management. A SpinaClean is ideal for cleaning all types of concrete floors, patios and can be used with any hot or cold pressure washer.


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You can find out more information on our deep cleaning services page and our office deep cleaning service page. If you would like to speak to our team, or get a quote, get in touch with us today.