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Does Your Cleaner Cut Time That You’re Paying For?

Time theft is one of the biggest problems in the cleaning industry and one that we as a company take very seriously. With over 150 cleaners working remotely across the Midlands, it’s extremely important to have trustworthy workers but also to give them the tools to be able to do their job correctly and with ease. That’s why we have chosen to partner with time and attendance and shift scheduling software company, Connecteam.

What is Conntecteam?

Connecteam is tailor-made for field staff and allows us to schedule our cleaning teams’ jobs so that when they login to their app they can see their upcoming shifts, access all of the information they need and clock in and out with one click.

As well as making sure our team know where they need to be, the app ensures they are safe. We can easily see if our evening cleaning team have logged out and can check in on them if they haven’t.

Caring for our cleaning team

The great thing about Connecteam is that our cleaning team love it too! They have their own intuitive dashboard where they can access their shift times, get a map to find their jobs and even order materials through a simple form. They feel more connected which is vital when working in the field.

Signs your cleaner is cutting time that you’re paying for

If your current cleaning company doesn’t use software such as Connecteam, and you’re worried they may be cutting the time that you’re paying for, here are some signs to look out for that suggest there may be an issue:

  • Jobs feeling rushed or half-finished
  • Your cleaner arrives late and either leaves early or doesn’t stay longer to compensate
  • Hard-to-reach areas are missed
  • Time recorded or charged for has discrepancies

Switch to a commercial cleaning company you can rely on

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