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How to Clean an Office

Author: Lisa Hill – Spotless Cleaning Director | Last Updated: May 2022

Having a clean office benefits everyone that uses it, a clean well maintained work environment looks good for prospective clients and customers, as well as being a more hygienic safe place to work which will reduce sickness and absenteeism.

At Spotless, we understand that professional office cleaning isn’t always a high priority consideration, which is where we can support you. However if you’re not sure that hiring a commercial cleaning company is right for you just now, we’ve created some helpful tips on cleaning your office. 

How does a clean office benefit your business and employees:?

There are a range of benefits that come with having a clean office environment, the pandemic has also helped change attitudes to hygiene and cleanliness 

  • Protecting employee health – a clean office will reduce the chances of your staff getting ill. Offices are ideal for bacteria to multiply and spread due to having a number of people in the same space for large portions of the day. Office cleanliness means that your employees are less likely to pick up illnesses at work and therefore reduce sickness numbers.
  • Employee Morale – employees are going to be happier and more comfortable in a clean environment, and studies show this leads to improved productivity. Clutter is distracting, so regular cleaning and tidying helps cut distraction and helps with organisation.
  • Giving a good impression to clients – your office reflects how clients and potential clients see your business, a good first impression of a clean gives the impression that you take care of your workplace, and gives a look of professionalism.
  • A safer environment – by having your offices commercially cleaned, hazards such as blocked fire escapes can be avoided. Similarly old paper and card can add to potential fire risks, ensuring such waste is properly disposed of is an additional benefit of bring a cleaner on board.



How to clean your office

Here are Spotless Cleaning’s top tips for keeping your office environment clean and welcoming:

  • Clean office hardware – computers, phones, keyboards and mice are all magnets for grime and dirt, and often do not get cleaned as often as they should. Disinfecting these is important, especially in hot-desking scenarios or other shared devices. Similarly telephones are ideal for bacteria and need to be regularly cleaned, as should head sets. 
  • Light switches – whilst many businesses have moved towards using more eco friendly systems such as motion sensitive lights, light switches especially in areas like kitchens, corridors and toilets are going to be used more frequently and should be considered high priority. 
  • Bathrooms and toilets – bathrooms and toilets are areas where bacteria can thrive and spread due to contact with sinks, toilets etc. Making sure toilets, communal washrooms and bathrooms etc are regularly cleaned will help keep morale up and lower the risk of illness. Properly disinfecting these areas regularly should be a priority. 
  • Kitchens – kitchens get a lot of use, and create opportunities for bacteria and germs to multiply and spread. Cleaning and disinfecting work surfaces, fridges, microwaves and avoiding a build up of used crockery and utensils will 
  • Communal areas – many modern workplaces have breakout areas for increased collaboration, this means that things such as desks, tables, sockets and light switches will have a lot of contact with various people and should be properly cleaned regularly.
  • Desks –  desks can be a magnet for grime, dirt and bacteria. Ensuring regular cleaning and disinfection of desks takes place is important to avoid the spread of bacteria, which in turn will make your staff’s environment more pleasant.
  • Carpets and floors – carpets and floors are magnets for dirt and grime, some areas more so than others. Entrances, kitchens and communal areas are areas that should be focused on –  as well as the floors in toilets and bathrooms which require intense cleaning and regular disinfection.
  • Meeting Rooms – meeting rooms whilst not always constantly in use are areas where people congregate and get their share of spillages and mess. Alongside this, they are another area where bacteria can take hold. Regular meeting room cleaning will help keep this a hygienic environment and help create a better atmosphere.
  • Sustainable cleaning products – cleaning products can be harmful to the environment, and often need to be properly disposed of. Aiming for sustainable products which use recycled materials for packaging and do not pollute the environment is good for your business’s green credentials. 
  • Office cleaning risk assessment – ultimately, the key to effectively ensuring that you have a clean and hygienic workspace is to understand where the high risk areas are and have a plan of action for how these are handled.

These are just some of the areas that can be high risk areas in terms of cleanliness, Spotless Cleaning pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and great value for money for our clients. Regular office cleaning will have a great benefit to your workers, and show off your business in a positive light.

You can find out more information on  our office deep cleaning service page. If you would like to speak to our team, or get a quote, get in touch with us today.