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How To (Easily) Clean Behind Radiators

Author: Lisa Hill | Last Updated: September 2021

As the first part of our ‘how to’ cleaning series, we’re going to be showing you how to clean behind radiators. Often one of the most forgotten areas of a house, office or restaurant, to clean, radiators can build up a lot of dust and dirt over time. This is not only bad for your health, but also bad for the radiator itself.

Spotless Director Lisa Hill is an expert when it comes cleaning! Here she takes us through the best way to get into those pesky spots behind the radiator.


How often should you clean behind your radiator?

The first question you might have is when and how frequently should you be cleaning behind a radiator? We’d advise cleaning behind your radiator once every six months to once a year, depending on how clean you like your house to be. At Spotless, as a commercial cleaning company, we clean behind radiators for offices, restaurants and venues every two to three months to ensure a consistent clean.

When should you clean behind your radiator?

It’s particularly important to do this clean at the end of summer, ahead of winter when you’ll start turning your radiators back on. Otherwise, all the accumulator dust and dirt will rise out of the radiator, into the air, when you turn them on for the first time, if not cleaned properly. This is especially important for indoor commercial venues like restaurants and office spaces, where windows are often closed and ventilation is poor.

What should you use to clean your radiator?

Ideally you’d use a radiator cleaning tool, which is a long thin rod with microfiber bristles all the way down. These are easy to find online and affordable, so if you can invest in one of these, they’re the best choice. However you could also use any long implement with a cloth on the end. It should be thin enough to fit down the back of the radiator, and with some form of bristles or brush so it can rub the dirt off.

How to clean behind a radiator?


  • 1. First of all, make sure the radiator is turned off, so you don’t burn yourself.
  • 2. We then recommend putting a few pieces of kitchen roll under the radiator, to catch any bits of dust and dirt that might drop on the floor whilst cleaning.
  • 3.Then you simply push the brush down the back of the radiator, and move it up and down, whilst moving it along the radiator, from left to right.
  • 4. Once you’ve done the whole radiator, simply pick up the pieces of kitchen roll and throw them in the bin. And that’s the back of your radiator cleaned!