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Office Cleaning for Covid-19

There is a lot to consider with the recent pandemic – most people quickly adapted to working from home. But while government guidelines stipulate that working from home is still the preferred option, people are already starting to move back into their offices to work.

Whatever the reason may be, there must be measures put in place to ensure a safe working environment. Thankfully, Spotless have years of experience in cleaning office and commercial environments, and are fully compliant with government guidelines, and so can offer these simple steps to getting your office ready for people coming back to work.


7 Steps to a Covid-19 Safe Office

Deep Clean Before Re-Opening

This involves cleaning all surfaces and touch points first, and then follow with sanitising. You may also want to consider cleaning and sanitising your carpets and upholstery.


Set the Office Up Ready For Your Staff

Moving desks, adding signage and additional hand washing stations or hand sanitiser stations should all be done before your staff return so that they can clearly see your office guidelines.


When You’re Back, Clean, Clean and Clean Again!

You will need to clean work areas and desks in between users, using an anti-viral disinfectant if possible. Touch points are the most important areas to clean, these include door handles, keyboards and phones. Be sure to make it easy for staff to dispose of the cleaning products they have used.


Remove Waste After Every Shift

This is probably more often than you normally empty bins but is extremely important.


Limit the Use of High Use Items

These are things like printer, kettles and fridges. Anywhere people naturally congregate and have physical contact with high use items.


Handwashing and Toilets

Toilets and bathrooms need to be cleaned more often and make sure hand hygiene is top notch by providing hand towels rather than hand driers where possible. More hand washing stations or hand sanitiser should be made available addition to that available in bathrooms.  There should also be signage which demonstrates good hand washing techniques, and reminders to cough into the crease of your arm and not touch your face.


Wear Gloves Or Clean Hands After Handling Goods Entering Sites

This will mostly be applicable for deliveries to the office, wear gloves and/or wash hands after handling.


As professional cleaners we have ensured that we are full abreast with the guidelines of safe working practices. Not only are we fully stocked with PPE, but we have reviewed all our working practices to ensure they are inline with government guidelines.

If you need help keeping on top of the additional cleaning required to be Covid-19 safe, get in touch and we will contact you to arrange a no obligation quote.