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Stain Removal from Office Carpets

Stains are very common on office carpet tiles and carpets within commercial buildings where footfall is heavy. Dirt can often come from shoes but stains can also be from spilt drinks, chemicals and food. This video shows our process for stain removal on office carpets.

Here at Spotless Cleaning we have developed our stain removal process through years of professional carpet and office cleaning.


First of all we pre-treat the stain; we have a number of different chemicals to choose from dependent on what the stain is and our technicians are fully trained to know which chemical is the most appropriate for the job.

Then we agitate the stain to work in the pre-treatment before rinsing the area and extracting the dirt with the SteamPro carpet cleaning machine. Where possible carpets should be left overnight to fully dry before walking on them again. This treatment can also be used on office upholstery such as office chairs and benches.

We usually clean office carpets and upholstery out of hours to cause as little disruption as possible to your staff. We are also cleaning carpets for customers who are requiring anti-viral treatment after confirmed cases of Covid-19. Please get in touch via our contact form or by calling 01283 599219 to discuss your requirements.