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Tips for a Sparkling Shower Screen

Shower screen look modern and clean (far better than a shower curtain) but they are a pain to keep looking clear and sparkling. The build up of soaps on your shower screen can leave them looking murky and unclean which is not nice for you but looks rubbish if you have visitors too. As professional cleaners, the team here at Spotless Cleaning have amassed some pearls of wisdom we’d like to impart to help keep on top of the scum!

Using The Right Cleaning Product

Do it Yourself

White vinegar – every house should have a spray bottle of this as it can be used on LOTS of things. All you have to do is wet the screen with warm water first and give it a quick wipe over with a clean cloth, then spray the white vinegar on and give it a scrub with the same cloth, or a non scratch scourer if the dirt is quite built up. Rinse with warm water and you’re done!

For the rusty bits in the corners – we’ve found that lemon juice does the trick here. Just mix one teaspoon of lemon juice and two teaspoons of salt to form a paste. Scrub the mixture on using a toothbrush or small cleaning brush and leave to soak for around 15 minutes before removing with warm water.

Buy Some In

There are absolutely loads of products in the supermarket for bathrooms, probably too many so it can be a little confusing but stick to products for bathrooms and if possible specifically shower screens and you won’t go far wrong.

Clear Glass

Use the Right Equipment

This may sound a bit silly, but the type of cloth or scourer you use can really make a difference here and will save you scratching or leaving marks and smears on your shower screen. A good microfibre cloth works well but a non scratch scourer usually wins every time. You can get then in all supermarkets or home shops.

Clean From Top to Bottom

?A lot of people know this, but we’re certain that more probably don’t. Start at the top of the screen and work your way down. Don’t forget to get the corners and edges where metal or plastic trimmings meet the glass as this is the prime place for mould to grow. This applies to the rest of your home too – always start at the top and work down. If these guys do it, then you should too…

Rinsing and Buffing

Rinsing and buffing is a very important part if you want to get that sparkling finish. Rinse from the top with hot water from the shower and make sure you have removed all residue from whichever product you used. The type of cloth you use to buff is as important here as it is when cleaning as you don’t want to leave any fibres behind on the screen. We use microfibre cloths and think they work well. Wipe away all the excess water then buff until clear, dry and sparkling!

We hope these tips help you to get on top of your shower screen. Once a week is OK but if you can do this 2-3 times a week you’ll be sure to keep that mould and mildew away for good!

As professional and commercial cleaners around Derby and Burton we have a vast knowledge on all forms of cleaning. Make sure to keep checking back for more tips and tricks, and if you’d like to know about our cleaning services just drop us a line!