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How to Maintain a Clean and Tidy Office Kitchen

If even the mere thought of office cleaning (especially the kitchen!) sends you running in the other direction, you’re not alone. After all, who knows what’s lurking in the fridge or how long those spillages in the microwave have been ingrained? However, as daunting as this all may seem, it doesn’t always need to be like this. We’ll talk you through our top tips for maintaining a clean and tidy office kitchen.

Tackle the elephant (mess) in the room

Now, it may sound obvious, but in order to maintain a clean and tidy office kitchen you first need to give it a deep clean, especially if it’s particularly bad!

There are many deep cleaning methods you can use, however, if the thought of excessive elbow grease and steam cleaning is just too much to bare, you’d be much better off hiring a professional commercial cleaning company to get the job done properly. 

Not only does this make your life (much) easier, but it means that your business can remain as productive as possible as there’ll be no downtime from cleaning employees.

Install signage

Sometimes, all we need is a gentle reminder to encourage us to practice good habits, and the same likely applies to your employees.

Installing signage in the office kitchen with reminders to wipe down the microwave after each use, remove any expired food from the fridge, etc. can go a long way in making sure your office kitchen stays clean longer term.

Regularly empty all bins

We know, taking the bins out certainly isn’t the most glamorous job in the office, but someone has to do it. Otherwise, that out-of-date tuna salad you removed from the fridge is still going to stink out the office, but from the bin instead!

Enforcing a rota can make things easier (and fairer) for your employees; it means that the bins are scheduled to be regularly emptied, and it’s not the same person drawing the short straw every time.

Have cleaning supplies widely available

Think about it, you’re much more likely to clean up a spillage if there’s some kitchen roll and anti-bac spray on the counter or underneath the sink. Forcing employees to hunt around the office for cleaning supplies is only going to discourage regular cleaning and accountability.

Having all the cleaning supplies your employees are likely to need removes an additional barrier to keeping the office kitchen clean.

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